Sponsored Listings on GunGenius.com

Boost your GunBroker.com sales using Sponsoring Listings on GunGenius.com

Gun Genius, powered by GunBroker.com, provides the firearm consumer a comprehensive database to make an educated decision for their firearms purchase.

GunBroker.com sellers can take advantage of this captive audience by sponsoring their GunBroker.com item listings on Gun Genius.  Gun Genius users can discover your item listing while researching products, and immediately click to purchase your item on GunBroker.com.

Sponsored listings may appear in any of the following locations on GunGenius.com:

  • Gun Genius Firearms Model Page
    If the Sponsored Listing is a firearm, the listing with characteristics matching that model will be given priority visibility for that model page.
  • Gun Genius Video Page
  • Gun Genius Top Selling Page
  • Gun Genius Search Results Page

What displays on the sponsored listing?

  • Item title
  • Thumbnail image
  • Price (If the listing is an Auction with BuyNow, the BuyNow price displays)
  • Link to the item listing on GunBroker.com

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