German Sport Guns

GSG (German Sport Guns) founded in 2002 by Dietmar Emde, Manfred Nienhaus and Michael Swoboda, became within a short period of only a few years one of the leading manufacturer of firearms in the Caliber .22lr.

With all the different versions of the tactical GSG-522 and with one of the world most recognizable brand Kalashnikov, GSG offers a complete line of military style firearms. With the GSG-1911 German Sport Guns offers to the market one of the finest 1911 pistol in Cal. .22 LR. The GSG 110 round Drum Mag is a MUST for all GSG firearms shooters.

“German history meets German Engineering”
In the beginning of 2012 GSG started the production of the legendary Schmeisser StG 44. This perfect replica gun comes in a wooden box, original as the equipment for the German Army during WW II. In 2013 it’s only consequent, that GSG will complete this line with the MP 40 also under the brand Schmeisser.

A new family of GSG guns is born: The new GSG-922. A new compact pistol and versions to meet different customer requests. Gun enthusiasts use GSG Firearms for target shooting, just for fun, for plinking, for small game hunting or for practical shooting like IPSC Shooting. A company Slogan? GSG makes it simple! Products by Specialists, satisfied customers all around the World, for this slogan GSG stands for!

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