Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox .32 Auto (7.65 Browning) Stainless Semi Auto Pistol UPC 82442188812

Beretta 3032 Tomcat

MSRP from $448.00

The 3032 Tomcat offers all the features of the 21 Bobcat, adding a wide slide and a contoured tang to protect the thumb web and increase pistol control. The snag-proof design and slide blade front sight permit quick presentation and fast target acquisition followed by smooth, crisp trigger pull in double/single action. The tip-up barrel allows direct chamber loading and safe clearing of the pistol. Jamming and stovepiping problems are virtually eliminated by the open slide design shared by all small frame Berettas. The Tomcat’s barrel is forged from special high-strength steel; precisely rifled for accuracy.


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