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Comments on Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact

  • sebastianrobert,

    Believe it or not but I was able to purchase this firearm from an individual for $475. He is an FFL holder and did a backgound check, I paid him and walked out with a brand new pistol that he bought for his wife who didn't like a semi-auto. I took the pistol to the range, took it right out of the box. I didn't break it down and neither cleaned nor oiled it and then proceeded to fire 250 rounds of Winchester 115 gr fmj with it. At 7 yds, the 1st 10 rds rapid fire hit at 5 MOA. I settled down and the next ten were 2 MOA. Not bad for an average shooter with a small pistol. I then slowed down and the 3rd ten shrunk to 1 MOA. I ran the target out to 10 yds and consistently hit at 1 MOA. No jams, no misfires, no problems whatsoever. This is touted by SIG because it's so small and holds 10 rds in the magazine. That's true. What they don't say a lot about is accuracy or reliability. I'm here to tell you that this lttle pistol is very accurate and sent 125 rds down range without a problem. Ergonomically it feels great in my hand which are average in size. All in all I think SIG has hit a home run with this pistol. I'll wrap this up by saying that 250 rds is not conclusive. But it's enough to it's enough to tell me that I can rely on this pistol if, God forbid, I ever have to use it. Thank you SIG Sauer.

  • bearbritches,

    Accurate shooter, 10+1 bullets, night sites, easy to conceal. Lots of fun to shoot and would be a great firearm to conceal. Nothing negative. Bob :-)
    Cowboys, Guns and gear

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