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Comments on Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy

  • prodloc,

    Just got a Henry GoldenBoy .22 cal lever gun (model H004). Since I am a manufacturing engineer, I have this insatiable desire to see how everything works, so I took my new GoldenBoy apart to examine the fit and finish of the mechanical parts. I have never seen such precision and flawless fit & finish like this Henry rifle has. The moving mechanical parts are finished to perfection with no tool marks, no sharp edges, no looseness, and they fit like a fine watch. The mechanical operation of the lever action is SUPER SMOOTH and positive. The finish of the buttstock and forestock is perfect and the wooden parts fit the receiver mechanisms perfectly, with no spaces at all. This is just like fine furniture The brass receiver cover is polished like a fine piece of jewelry, and makes the entire rifle a true work of art. Overall, it disassembles and reassembles very easily. I think this will be my all-time favorite rifle ever.

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